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19 Crimes Wine – Red Blend

December 4, 2017



This will be my first wine review as most of you know I am not much of a wine guy.  I chose this particular wine and wine brand to review for a couple of reasons.  

  1. Through the use of AR (augmented reality) the 19 Crimes app brings the labels and the characters on the labels to life.  Each label/character tells his/her own story.http://https://youtu.be/uF1Oss1XzrM
  2. Due to the 12.0 g/l of residual sugar I felt that this wine in particular would be the perfect balance of sweet and dry that my palate can handle.

Before we talk about the wine let’s briefly talk about the brand that brought the wine to life.  Treasure Wine Estates is an Australian based company, they are one of the world’s largest wine holders with some of the most awarded and recognized wines.   Their 19 Crimes wine tells the story of British Rogues who were sentenced to live in Australia.  Being convicted of one or more of the 19 crimes they were sentenced to “punishment by transportation.” Those criminals who didn’t die at sea during transportation to the island and made it ashore began colonizing.  This wine celebrates their lawlessness and the rules that they broke in order to build the culture that they had.

Wine Review:

This 2016 Red Wine blend is much sweeter than many I have tried, as I’ve said I’m not a wine guy so I don’t really have many reds to compare it with.  I was certainly not caught off guard when tasting since my initial nose of sweet berries, chocolate and vanilla is exactly what I when I took my first sip.  It’s sweet, darkness reminds of chocolate covered strawberries that are slightly manipulated by oakiness.  The flavors are soft and the lingering of the chocolate is exactly what I would’ve hoped to have, my expectations were met with every sip of this red blend.  I am certainly a fan and I look forward to drinking with the other criminals.