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B4 Precovery Supplement: Review

April 27, 2018
John and Dave Founders and Creators of B4 Supplement at the Nightclub and Bar Show 2018

John and Dave Founders of B4 supplement drink

 “Celebrate tonight – feel better tomorrow” that’s the slogan for B4 Precovery Supplement.  John and Dave are the Masterminds and Founders of this incredible precovery supplement.  Precovery means you drink it before your night of drinking, to promote morning recovery. 

During the first official night of the Nightclub Bar Show, every guest received a can of B4 Supplement at the Kickoff Party.  When they told me about their product I was very skeptical.  I’ve partied pretty hard in my time and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked for a way to feel better in the morning.  John shared the science behind B4, the vitamins, the minerals, and all of the other high-quality goods your body needs for you to become a fully contributing member of society after a night out of double scotches on the rocks.  I opened the first can and was expecting a fake watered down zip fizzy B-12 flavor.  In return, I was greeted with a nice, smooth, flavorful, lightly carbonated orange flavor.

Drinking B4 allowed me to drink without having to worry about the consequences in the morning.  When I woke up after our night of slightly overindulging, I felt alert and ready to fight the day.  I didn’t have any after effects of the night before, Drinking B4 Precovery Supplement replenished all the nutrients that the alcohol sucked out of my body.  Going in as a skeptic, and waking up as a believer I stand behind the nerdy science of B4. With 3 flavors to choose from orange, berry, and grape B4 has them all nailed down to taste more like Flintstone Vitamins than a vitamin supplement.  Great product and a great team of people behind the brand and it was a great night with no regrets in the morning.  California is next on the list for distribution of B4 Supplement, until then you can continue to order online.