Buckle Bunny Beer Eureka Heights, TX

March 19, 2020

Buckle Bunny is pretty much a universal cream ale that is perfect for anyone anytime. Excellent for a hot summer’s day or a cold winter’s night by the fire. Light, refreshing and crisp.

Eureka Heights Brewing in Houston, TX is where Buckle Bunny cream ale bounces in. Buckle Bunny came to my attention from Cousin Phillip, and he said that he had a cream ale in Florida and hasn’t found one since the elusive Buckle Bunny rose from the ashes. Since he lives in Houston, it’s only right that he seeks out a local brewery to partake in his cream ales. The Eureka Heights team says that they strive to make “interesting and approachable beer.” Reading the reviews and it looks like Eureka Heights is a happenin’ spot to sit, relax and enjoy some beer. Sadly enough, on my recent visit, I didn’t get a chance to stop by and check out their local offering of beer. I was able to grab a couple of cans while I was in a couple of different stores, and since Buckle Bunny was recommended, it is the first that I cracked open and took a jab at drinking and reviewing.

Buckle Bunny Cream Ale sits at nice 4.5 percent ABV with low hop strength, this makes it easy to consume more than one in an afternoon.

My absolute favorite thing about Buckle Bunny is the can, and I am a sucker for fun cans and packaging. Beyond that, here are my thoughts on the elusive Buckle Bunny. When I poured it into the glass, I noticed it pours a beautiful bright golden yellow color and has a small white head with great legs and little retention. The smell of Buckle Bunny wasn’t overly extravagant; it was straightforward and was very corn forward. There wasn’t anything else that came through on the nose. The first sip took me by surprise, mostly because I wasn’t expecting what it was. I was thinking in head that it was a cream soda type of flavor. The corn and the grain flavor was very prominent and in your face. Once I got through that, I realized that a cream ale and a cream soda are two completely different things. It’s not as bad as it sounds; it was quite pleasant and mellow, very refreshing.

Overall, Buckle Bunny has a very light body and is crisp and clean upfront. There isn’t much on the finish, and to many, it might seem like a lifeless beer. I think it’s very easy to sip, drink and it’s delightful. I am excited to try other beers from the Eureka Heights Brewing catalog. Unfortunately, Eureka Heights isn’t distributed in California yet.