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Coffee Fruit Drink – The Other Side of Coffee

January 26, 2021



The Other Side Of Coffee is a Coffee Fruit-based beverage produced from the fruit found around the coffee bean.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is more than just a bean. In fact, every coffee bean is surrounded by a fruit. A fruit that looks like it could be a very close relative of the cherry. This cherry-like fruit is scientifically known as a cascara but is commonly known as the coffee fruit. The cascara is as tart and earthy as it is sweet. The coffee fruit is full of antioxidants, polyphenols (which have been said to have a ton of healthy benefits), and fiber. It contains many – if not more health benefits than most other potent berries in its category, such as pomegranates and cherries.

“It’s more of a body beneficial beverage that can be sipped on throughout the day and all day.”


During COVID-19 and the shift of more consumers staying home and wanting to stay healthy or get healthy, they have also been looking for more plant-based products or health benefits. This makes The Other Side of Coffee the perfect candidate as it’s made from a fruit known to have a positive impact on your body, and it’s also got a small enough dose of caffeine to push you through the day. The Otherside Of Coffee isn’t an energy drink or a coffee or a tea; it’s more of a body beneficial beverage that can be sipped on throughout the day and all day. The Otherside of Coffee contains 18mg of Vitamin C 127mc polyphenols and a low 34mg caffeine per bottle. The Otherside of Coffee is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just an afternoon pick me up. Check The Other Side of Coffee website to find the store nearest you and pick up a bottle.