Creek Water Whiskey

March 27, 2019

Meet and greet bottle signing of Creek Water whiskey with Yelawolf

Creek Water whiskey is a collaboration between Yelawolf and Next Century Spirits.

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t normally purchase alcohol that is endorsed by celebrities.  When I heard that rapper Yelawolf would be releasing his own whiskey brand, I really didn’t know how to feel about that.  I’ve always known of Yelawolf, I’ve just not always been a fan of Yelawolf, he’s one of those artists I could take or leave.  I heard that he would be signing bottles of his Creek Water whiskey at a local liquor store so I thought I would give it a shot (no pun intended) and buy some.  Since he was signing them and I knew that my brother was a fan as well, I picked up 6 bottles – if anything I would give one to my brother and sell the others.  Turns out I never ended up selling any of them.  I actually liked Creek Water, and when I met Yelawolf – he was a pretty humble and mellow guy somebody like I would hang out with.

Creek Water whiskey is considered to be a “saloon-style” whiskey.  Next Century Spirits is based in North Carolina and basically what they do is contract distilling for others.  Case in point Yelawolf and Creek Water Whiskey.  Next Century Spirits developed a distilling process that claims to speed up the aging process and also eliminates the devils cut which also cuts down on production costs.

Creek Water doesn’t have an age anywhere on the bottle, I can’t see that it’s been aged or where, or how.  Really the only thing you get on the bottle is the name, where it was distilled and the proof – which is 100 if you were curious.  One of the best things about Creek Water Whiskey is that it’s only $25 which really isn’t much if you don’t like it, which didn’t seem to be the case here.

Creek Water whiskey hot toddy.


The packaging as I said is very basic and lacks info, but the bottle itself is very blah and basic and it comes with a little fake gold metal-coated topper.  If you consider the fact that the whiskey is from the mind of a person that has coined the term “Slumerican” it fits the persona.  The label logo itself could easily be confused with Pamela Anderson’s barb wire tattoo on her arm.  Based on looks and the fact it was a celebrity-endorsed whiskey, I’m actually surprised I committed to buying so many bottles.

On the nose, we got some vanilla, we got some leather and there was a smell that came through on the nose that to this day I still can’t pinpoint.  It was a smell that made us want to just go out and be a man and do manly things for a day.  The flavor of Creek Water was very similar to the nose, it tasted like I just wanted to pass it around, share some stories with some friends and just sip the night away.  We poured a shot and then let it sit for a while also, and after about 5 minutes, we sipped it and you could tell that the flavor and the nose had completely changed.  Creek Water whiskey is well worth the $25 and on top of that having met him Yelawolf and talking to him for a few minutes, I’ve actually enjoyed listening to his music.  I guess you can say that I’ve become a fan of his and his.  Yelawolf says Creek Water “smells like a good time” and I can’t wait to have many more good times while drinking Creek Water.