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Golden Road Brewing is an L.A. Original

March 1, 2020

Golden Road Brewing isn’t just another craft beer.

Golden Road Brewing is an L.A. original, I’ve always seen their beer in the stores.  I’ve just never committed to picking them up.  I’ve always felt like Golden Road was just another craft beer in a fancy can.  In July I went to a craft beer festival with my dad and brother, and Golden Road Brewing was there.  They had two beers they were sampling out, one was the Melon Cart beer and the other was an IPA.

I’m not a huge beer guy, but when I do drink beer I certainly don’t reach for an IPA.  First I tried the Melon Cart and I was instantly a fan of the flavors.  The second was the IPA, their IPA was actually drinkable.  When I think of an IPA, I cringe a little bit they always seem to be so bitter and hoppy.  This particular IPA was quite refreshing and not super harsh and hoppy.  Since visiting them at the festival, I’ve begun to try all of their beers.  Let’s talk a little bit about Golden Road Brewing.

Golden Road Brewing is the brainchild of two beer enthusiasts from Los Angeles, Ca.  The founders Meg Gill and Tony Yanow wanted to brew crisp, and fresh beer.  A beer that reminded them of the flavors of L.A.  Four short years after their brewing adventures began they became partners with Anheuser Busch.  Their partnership gave them the ability to expand their market.  Golden Road brews and cans every beer in California with beer enthusiasts in mind.  I have tried a majority of their beers and still have many to go.

Every beer from Golden Road Brewing that I’ve tried have all been approachable, aromatic and very drinkable – this includes their IPAs.

All of the flavors are very prominent, very crisp, and every one of them says “Los Angeles” in their own special way. Every beer that I felt that would be the heaviest including the wheat ales and the IPA were not.  Golden Road is continuing to create beers centered around drinkability while staying true to their local roots.  I’ve been a fan of Golden Road for only a couple of months now.

From what I’ve tasted so far if Golden Road Brewing stays consistent those months will turn into years.

My absolute favorites from Golden Road Brewing

Currently, I have two favorite Golden Road products one is the Melon Cart Melon Wheat Ale.  It sits at 4.0% ABV.  Melon Cart is as refreshing as the melons being cut on almost every corner in Los Angeles by fruit vendors.  The second Golden Road ale I am currently enjoying is Pico to Mexico a Mexicanish lager that comes in just below 5% abv.  Pico to Mexico is a very cucumber upfront slight burn in the back lager.  It’s a combination of cucumber, salt, and habanero with a slight hint of lime.  Both very enjoyable, and very well made.

I am looking forward to visiting their taprooms and trying many more of their beautifully crafted beers.  If you have any Golden Road favorites let me know, I’m curious to try them all.