Jameson Caskmates: IPA Edition

March 16, 2020

Even though Jameson is one of the most common whiskeys consumed in the world, I am not a Jameson guy, and I feel like it’s just become the Jack Daniels of Irish Whiskey.  There are times when something strikes my attention, and I want to jump on it.  When I saw the Jameson Caskmates: IPA Edition, I was intrigued, which is funny because I am not much of an IPA guy either.  It was bizarre that two things that I am not a fan of intrigued me, but I found that the price was right, so I dove in.

The first thing I noticed about the Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition was that there wasn’t an age statement on the bottle.  Without having an age, statement this makes it hard to tell how long the whiskey spent in the beer barrels.  From what I know about aging whiskey in barrels, I would say it’s safe to guess the whiskey was only rested in the barrels (6-8 months) and not actually in there anytime long enough to age.  I’m not sure how much of an impact on the flavor of the Jameson that the beer barrel made.   But here is what I picked up.

Immediately on the nose, I picked up the hoppy, pine flavor of the hops from the IPA.  Honestly, I picked up a lot of household cleaner on the nose.  Household cleaner mixed with some vanilla and some malt.  It wasn’t anything that intrigued me or blew me out of the water.   When I took the first sip, I again picked up the hoppy and pine flavor that I first got on the nose.  As I let it set in my mouth, I began to get a vanilla and chocolate creamy pudding-like taste.  Again, this wasn’t anything that blew me out of the water.

The finish of the Jameson Caskmates was interesting, found that it wasn’t heavy, but it did have that creamy vanilla/chocolate on my tongue.  It left me with dried fruit and a cream-of-wheat aftertaste. Overall I wasn’t fond of the nose, but I was impressed with the flavor.  I recommend using the Jameson Caskemates: IPA Edition as a mixer and throwing in with some ginger beer and a lime.  Jameson Caskmates is a purchase that I am not upset that I made; it’s just not a purchase that I would ever make again.