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Limousin Rye Review

March 23, 2019

Apple pie liqueur is the limoncello of Wisconsin, it’s right up there with cheese curds and boiled hamburgers. 

While in attendance at the 2019 Whisky X event in Santa Monica, I came across several whiskeys, unfortunately none of them stood out like Limousin Rye stood out.  Limousin Rye is from a Dancing Goat Distillery based out of Cambridge, WI.  Travis Hasse is the President/Head Goat Keeper of Dancing Goat Distillery.  Travis took his time with every person that inquired about his rye, he gave the history and some fun facts about it to all who asked and seemed genuinely interested.  In the early years of Dancing Goat, Travis was making apple pie liqueur in his kitchen.  Apple pie liqueur is the limoncello of Wisconsin, it’s right up there with cheese curds and boiled hamburgers. 

The barreling and aging process of Limousin Rye is what is intriguing to me, Travis uses French Oak barrels instead the normal white oak barrels.  French Oak gives Limousin rye its lighter color, softer yet still spicy flavors.  When aging the rye they use what is called the Solera System.  If you are not familiar with the Solera System way of aging I will briefly touch on it.  Barrels are all in rows and stacked on top of each other and connected, the bottom layer of barrels are always filled with the oldest spirit and the upper rows are filled with the newer stuff.  Overtime as the devil gets his share of the older whiskey it is replaced by the newer whiskey. 

This is a very uncommon way of aging whiskey in the United States. 



On the nose I immediately picked up a lot of deep vanilla and caramel fragrance.  When I took my first sip, the vanilla and caramel instantly layered beneath the depth of spicy flavors that came from what I tasted as all-spice and clove.  Limousin Rye coated my tounge with a warmth of toasted nuts.  I can taste each layer of old and new oak, my guess is this comes from the aging process.  I’ve never tasted a rye whiskey like this before, Limousin Rye is truly extraordinary and truly a unique sipping experience. 

Travis and his team at Dancing Goat have made me an instant fan of the product. 

Limousin Rye made my price of admission into Whisky X totally worth it. 

I am excited to see what the future holds for Limousin Rye, Travis Hasse and the team at Dancing Goat.  See you guys next year in Santa Monica.