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One Shot: Finally, a pre-bottled shot worth drinking

January 21, 2018
The Details:
One Shot is based out of Houston, Texas and is a family of eight different flavored tequilas as well as a straight 100% Silver Tequila from Mexico.   One Shot is also comprised of three premium vodka shots as well as one premium rum shot  Each of the 11 flavors is infused with different natural fruit essences.  There are 7 infused tequilas which come in an array of flavors such as, Coffee, Coconut, Apple, Peach or other misc Citrus flavors.  Citrus, Orange, and Raspberry make up the three different types of vodkas and a basic Rum and Coconut makes up the last.  According to their website and co-founder, the premise of One Shot was created while they were having drinks in Mexico.   They have called it a “new way of drinking,” and each One Shot is bottled in a reusable 50ml shot glass (really two shots per).
One Shot doesn’t lack on the Alcohol By Volume either, it settles in at a nice 40%.
My Review:
Over the years we’ve seen a huge increase in “pre-bottled” shots, and those numbers keep growing.  Most of which are way to strong, or way too sweet or way too gimmicky, which is why most of the time you see them stacked on the shelf with 2 inches of dust on them.  I’ve walked by the “bucket o’ One Shot” a hundred times as I checked out of my local liquor store.  Something about Mint Infused Tequila didn’t sound right to me, plus it was in a gimmicky bottle and honestly for $.79 per shot, how good could it be?  Finally, last week I figured I may as well give it a shot (get it?).  I bought two of them and threw them in the freezer to drink when they were super cold, it’s the only way I drink my tequila.  The next day while my friend/colleague and I were watching a webinar we decided that was a good time to try the One Shot.  Both of us had a great hesitation, mostly because neither of us really like tequila.  We pulled back the aluminum cap and instantly got the cool minty rush aroma with a slight undertone of tequila.  Unlike other pre-bottled shots, the smell of the spirit came second and the flavor came first.
First, we tried the Mint Infused One Shot, the flavor was great, the tequila was mellow in comparison to other tequilas I’ve tried.  I was a little afraid of how the mint would go with the tequila but the combination was perfect.  I am not sure what brand of premium tequila is used but it tasted very similar to Milagro 100% Silver.  Immediately, I could feel the 40% abv only it tasted like I just brushed my teeth.  Unfortunately, the liquor store only had two flavors the second flavor I tried after a couple of days was the Coffee Infused tequila One Shot.  Once again I kept it in the freezer until I was ready to drink it.  I grabbed the ring on the aluminum lid and pulled it back.  Immediately my nose was opened up to 100% coffee, and a mild undertone of tequila.  My first thought was Kahlua or a Brave Bull Cocktail, again the smell of the tequila stayed in the back.  As I let my senses settled I took my shot and it was coffee all the way down, no burn from the tequila, no lingering tequila aftertaste just pure coffee.
After trying the two, I immediately went back to my liquor store and ended up buying the rest he had in stock and instantly went searching for the other products.  I called Houston and expressed my interest, the operator at One Shot told me to contact the distributor in my area.  After, being on hold with the distributor for about 30 minutes I was told nobody has ordered the product since 2013, but they did give me a list of stores that did have it back in 2013.  I called One Shot back and told them my dilemma and I was told they are “bottling more now and should soon be available.”  I hope that they do continue to bottle, I hope that California begins to see more of One Shot, it’s truly a great product.  With all of the run of the mill pre-bottled products on the market, many consumers share my opinion in staying away from it.  It’s my hope that we do not see the end of One Shot and that they bottle more, find their niche and market it like crazy to put their brand in everyone’s face.  I look forward to trying the flavors I’ve not tried yet, I look forward to seeing them in every liquor store and selling at a premium price as they deserve.