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Pumpkin Spice Season Is Upon Us

September 11, 2018

Pumpkin Spice season has officially begun, this marks the beginning of fall for many.  For others, the official start of Fall is still weeks away.

Mid-August, and it seems that the invasion of pumpkin spice everything has already begun.  Pumpkin spice cereal, pumpkin spice granola, and the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte.  Usually, I avoid the pumpkin spiced hoopla as much as I avoid the mall on Christmas Eve or Black Friday.  However, since the release a couple of years ago of Captain Morgan’s seasonal Jack O’ Blast pumpkin spice rum, I anticipate the day it blesses the shelves of my favorite wine and spirits store.  For me this year that time has come sooner than normal. As of August 1st, our favorite Captain has already pushed his Jack O’ Blast to the stores.   With that cute little pumpkin shape bottle, I can mix up some of my favorites. Should I start with an adult version of the pumpkin spiced ice latte or an Apple Jack Cocktail?

 Captain Morgan tackles the Fall season with his limited edition pumpkin spiced rum.  Jack-O’Blast blends together Caribbean rum with fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, and other fall spices.

As a person that loves to play with flavors of spirits, Jack O’ Blast is very easy to mix with, it’s not universal, but it works a lot of different ways.  As the nights get cooler and as we begin to get further into the Fall spirit, Jack O’ Blast is more pumpkin than it is rum so it is a very easy liquor to sip.  Usually, I stock up on this pretty little pumpkin as I enjoy drinking it further into winter and throughout the year.  If you are the slightest bit of a pumpkin spiced fanatic, I would recommend that you run (very quickly) down to your nearest wine and spirits store to stock up on Jack O’ Blast as this Captain only stays around for a season.

I would love to hear what you are mixing with the Jack-O-Blast pumpkin spice rum.  Please share any recipe that you’ve come up with.

Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast Adult Pumpkin Spice Latte

Adult Pumpkin Spiced Iced Latte: 

1.5 oz Captain Morgan Jack O’ Blast

.5 oz Cream

Cold Brew Coffee

Shake Jack O’ Blast and cream together, strain into an ice-filled glass, add cold brew coffee

Jack O’ Blast Apple Jack:

1.5 oz Captain Morgan Jack O’Blast

4 oz Apple Cider

Cinnamon stick garnish

Combine both ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice, garnish with a cinnamon stick