Editorial Reviews

Sip Shine Canned Alcoholic Drinks

December 11, 2020



“An easier sipping shine with great lakes region inspired sweetness.”


Classification: Ready To Drink (RTD) Cocktail

Company: Sip Shine

Proof: 40 ABV: 20%

Location: Michigan







Sip Shine is a ready-to-drink, flavored moonshine cocktail that combines favorite flavors of iced teas and lemonades with premium moonshine. Don’t let the word moonshine scare you away from this cocktail; the premium quality of moonshine they use makes these cocktails so easy to drink that you actually forget you are drinking moonshine. Flavors like Arnold-Shiner, or Razz-Berry ShineAde, and my personal favorite ShineBerry Sweet Tea all create a truly unique but delicious way to enjoy moonshine.  Ready t0 drink canned alcoholic drinks have become very popular over the last several months, but there is not one that compares to Sip Shine.


Arnold Shiner plays on your typical Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade combo, but there is nothing ordinary about the Arnold Shiner. The flavor of the Arnold Shiner is so well balanced and smooth that you forget that there is actually any moonshine in it. Arnold Shiner mixes as perfectly as it sips. You can pour it over ice for an even more refreshing experience; this cocktail is a perfect way for you to step up your Arnold Palmer.


Razz-Berry ShineAde is my least favorite of the bunch, and it’s not because it is a bad cocktail to drink. It has the same great flavor and same smooth finish as the other two. It’s just my least favorite because I am not a fan of anything raspberry-flavored unless it’s raspberries. The Razz-Berry ShineAde seems to be a little more on the dry side for my taste, and I am not a huge dry drink fan.


Last but not least, the ShineBerry Sweet Tea is my absolute favorite Sip Shine of the three. The ShineBerry reminded me of drinking a Lipton Brisk Iced Tea and not moonshine. It went down way too easy with no trace of any type of spirit in it. The ShineBerry is so perfect and flavorful, and there is no denying the quality of moonshine that goes into it.





I suggest trying all three flavors and making up your own mind on which is the best. They are all unique in their own way yet very similar because they are perfectly crafted and well blended. I would recommend you pacing yourself when cracking open a can because they pack 20% abv in a 200ml can. Overall, the pricing, the company’s culture, and the consistency of Sip Shine will make me a dedicated consumer.  You can purchase all three flavors of Sip Shine at here