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Southern Grace Distillery -Conviction Bourbon

March 7, 2020


Mount Pleasant Prison opened in 1929 when Prohibition was at its peak, now ironically it is the home of 14,000 gallons of aging bourbon.  It has gone from jail for the moonshiners and bootleggers to a small batch (legal) distillery.  Now renamed Southern Grace Distillery, you will hear music echoing through the walls as the rows of barrels reverberate and absorb every vibration.  Southern Grace Distillery uses sonic aging as a form of aging for their Conviction bourbon.  Sonic aging uses loud music to vibrate the barrels, which allows more of the oak flavors to distribute into the bourbon inside.   Distillers have used methods like this to enhance the flavors for years.   



Conviction bourbon has warm caramel corn and warm baked fruit smell to it.  There are also slight undertones of caramel and corn flakes. On the first sip, you get a lot of the same aromas that you were smelling, but I picked up some grain and almost like a spicy maybe cinnamon raisin bran flavor.  It’s light on the tongue with smooth brown sugar to finish it off, as soon as the sweet brown sugar wears off the burn kicks back in, and lingers until the tongue dries.   I was surprised at how good this bourbon is, there are so many craft whiskeys out there just waiting to be sipped and mixed but they are released before their time.  Southern Grace Distillery really took their time and waited for the perfect bourbon to be complete.  Conviction bourbon is like a young kid that is trapped in an old soul.  It’s well beyond its years in age and perfection.  I cannot wait to taste from Southern Grace Distilleries.