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Spicy Sotol and Sage

August 30, 2017

About a year ago, we were bartending a wedding and the Great Grandfather of the bride had his own brand of Sotol and had given me one. Now, if you are not familiar with Sotol, it is to the Central and Northern Mexico region what Moonshine was to the South during prohibition. It is distilled from the Yucca plant as tequila is distilled through the Agave plant.sotolMy first taste, and smell I thought turpentine, it really didn’t have a great flavor. It was very earthy, grassy, and vegetal, unlike it’s cousin Mezcal it doesn’t have that smokiness flavor to it. I always try anything new at room temperature that way I can get a true grasp on the character of it. I ended up putting the Sotol in the very back of my bar and would pull it out only as a joke “here try this, it’s delicious.” Recently while rearranging the bar, I came across my bottle of Sotol, at first I was ready to pour it out because I think the joke has run its course. Instead I popped open the top and let it breathe a little, and kept going back to it and smelling it. It finally hit me, lets mix the earthy flavor of the stool with an earth herb. I wanted something that would compliment the Sotol, much like the mint in a mojito compliments the rum. On my next trip to Sotolthe local farmers market I picked up a little bundle of sage – sage is very earthy itself and adds major flavor to anything it is mixed with. Why not? So, I whipped up a cocktail that was made in similar fashion as the mojito, instead replacing mint with sage, rum with Sotol, I used a habanero lime simple syrup and Jarritos Mineragua. It was actually the perfect mix, I am not sure that this will become my new go to drink. This is definitely a great drink I would fall back on for my tequila drinkers – it really shows the versatility of the base spirit. If this cocktail sounds good and you can’t find Sotol or you just don’t want to invest the money in it, just mix it up with regular silver tequila. Enjoy!

Spicy Sotol and Sage: Handful of Sage Leaves 1.5oz Habanero Lime Simple Syrup -Muddle ingredients together Add to cocktail shaker with 1.5oz of Sotol or Silver Tequila -Shake Pour into iced Collins glass, and fill with Jarritos Maineragua (or mineral water)