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Tequila Review | SWOL Anejo Tequila Limited Release

December 18, 2020

“SWOL was created out of a deep reverence for Tequila and its ability to unite people through authentic moments.”

Swol is an Anejo Tequila created from a couple of friends’ journey to Mexico, searching for the finest agaves and the ingredients.  That journey was not just about creating a tequila; it was about creating the smoothest tequila.  Creating a tequila that will build friendships and relationships, a tequila that is perfect in every way.  You can taste memories, and the friendship shared on that journey in every sip of Swol Tequila.

“We pride ourselves on the attention to detail that we pour into every small batch.
We hope you enjoy with the people you love!”
— Sean Dollinger (Founder and CEO) —


I immediately picked up the sweet notes of agave along with a rich, fruity, herbal smell on the nose.  The nose was so sweet that I felt like I was about to drink a liqueur and not tequila.  As someone that isn’t a fan of tequila, the nose of it got me excited to pour a glass.  The more I swirled it and sniffed it, the more richness of the agave began to come out.  The nose on Swol is so mellow and so perfect, something that I would think a nice high-end whiskey would smell like.

The first sip of Swol Tequila gave my palate a huge blast of smokey caramel and butterscotch, something I wasn’t expecting in a tequila.  As I swirled the tequila around in my mouth and let it sit, I began picking up huge amounts of vanilla and honey.  It finished with a nice oaky smoke taste, a taste that I would expect less in tequila and more in a bourbon.  From start to finish, Swol had a sweet and vibrant taste with absolutely no burn on the end.

There is truly a unique flavor in Swol Tequila that can’t be found or is non-existent in tequila, or at least in the tequilas, I’ve tasted.  I have never wanted to finish a tequila bottle; Swol is the first tequila I have ever wanted to finish in the first sitting.  If there is any way that I could get Swol Tequila on a monthly auto-ship, I will sign up for that subscription right away.  I don’t see how a tequila that is this perfect, and this smooth couldn’t bring people together to make memories and build relationships.

For more information or to order Swol Tequila go to http://www.cwspirits.com  and use “tyler5” at checkout to save yourself some money.