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Review: UpTime Energy Drink

February 25, 2018

Image of UpTime Energy getting locked and loaded in the truck for a long night

Two things you should know – 1. Very rarely will I drink an energy drink of any kind unless it’s something that catches my eye or if it’s coffee or any of its many variations.  2.  I will rarely do energy drink reviews, that’s just not the type of drinks this blog is about.  I will however on occasion feel the need to post about an energy drink if it is something that can be mixed in a cocktail or if I just like it and feel the need to share, such is the case with this review.  UpTime was an energy drink that caught my eye at my local convenience store.
UpTime Energy Drink stood out amongst the many other energy drinks in the cooler due to its aluminum can/bottle shape.  Every other energy drink pretty much has the same type of packaging so a lot of them get lost in the shuffle.  The one UpTime Energy Drink that stood out and grabbed my attention first was the black (original) bottle and then the white (sugar-free) bottle caught my eye and began screaming “pick me!” I grabbed one of each as I headed off to work a night shift and needed a pick me up that coffee couldn’t have handled.
UpTime Back Story:  
Upon my research, I found that UpTime has been in the supplement industry for about 30 years. UpTime manufactures high-quality products with natural energy producing ingredients.  Every ingredient provides clarity, focus and has limited to no side effects.  With these natural ingredients, UpTime claims to give you “energy to excel.”  Much like everything that is on the market now and also with what seems to be the trend UpTime is infused with the vitamins and minerals needed to provide the focus and energy the promise.  Each bottle is infused with ginseng, ginkgo biloba, guarana, and CoQ10 so you will get a naturally nutritional boost of energy.
UpTime Energy Drink Review:
When I first opened the aluminum bottle I got a crisp, citrusy smell very similar to what I would get if I UpTime Energy drink gives me the energy of my youth and makes me want to climb treesopened a Fresca soda.  It wasn’t a strong scent like I would get from other original flavored energy drinks on the market.  UpTime smells like a Fresca but tastes very similar to a lemon-lime soda, just not as bubbly.  My boost from UpTime came within about 15 minutes of drinking about ¾ of the bottle/can.  After about 3 hours I noticed that the drink was beginning to wear off, but I didn’t feel I was crashing.  I just seemed to notice that I wasn’t as alert as I felt I was an hour or so before.  I didn’t feel wasted or knocked out or like I just ate a plate of MSG like I’ve gotten from many of the other energy drinks.  It was just the lack of focus that I felt I was missing.   Based on taste alone I would say that I preferred that sugar-free (white can).  The original black can seemed to be more thick and syrupy and the flavor didn’t seem to linger.
Both UpTime energy drinks worked the same as the other, and both will be a good choice. Either would be perfect if you need the energy and focus for an early morning or late afternoon meeting.  Above all of the listed benefits, you will also get to look cool walking around with an aluminum bottle.  UpTime will certainly be my new goto energy drink, the price point does seem slightly higher.   In my opinion, if you have a great quality product you shouldn’t have to bundle your products to compete.