Who We Are


Mixed Up With TGM is for anyone who is wanting to learn the craft of the drink. We want to inspire everyone to step out of the comfort zone of mixing only common cocktails.   Mixed Up With TGM will rarely ever use store-bought mixers, we would rather keep everything fresh, make our own and share with you the recipes.  Mixed Up With TGM strives to be a trusted source when it comes to our reviews on everything from beer to wine to spirits and occasionally we will throw in something that we feel would be a great add-on/ into any cocktail.  We interview everyone from distillers to distributors, and anyone that is interesting and interested in the craft.

Whether you’re just stepping into the bourbon tasting arena or just wanting to learn more about what makes certain rums so special, no matter your purpose you will find all of that information here.  The best thing to do is subscribe to our channel to make sure that you don’t miss a spirited review, or miss out on how to make that cereal infused cocktail, and the list goes on. Who knows, you may walk away with a few good jokes, maybe a funny story to share, or even just a little more knowledge to make you interesting at the next cocktail party you attend.  Please share us with all of your friends and urge them to subscribe/follow.  If there is anything we can do to provide with any other value please feel free to contact us.