Whiskey Review: Oak & Eden Rye & Spire

January 19, 2021

What you get after the angels take their share of this rye, is a fruity, and spicy spirit that is full-bodied and delicious.


I was introduced to the name Oak & Eden at an industry event; at the time, they were just a name to me, as I wasn’t able to taste any of the products. Oak & Eden is known for producing different whiskey and rye combinations. Their mash bills are composed of the most exceptional ryes you can find. Their whiskies are distilled, exceptionally produced in charred American Oak.
Rye & Spire is 90 proof, and I believe the bottle ran me roughly $50.

If I could capture the nose of the Oak & Eden Rye & Spire and put it in an air freshener, I would truly be a happy man.

The first thing I picked up on the nose was lightly toasted oak and the mellow spice from the rye, all of that finished off with a sweet vanilla bean. It was sweet, spicy, toasty, oaky, and pleasant for rye.

The first sip was every bit of what I picked up on the nose, with spicy vanilla bean being very present.

The more I sipped on it, and the more my tongue was reintroduced to this spirit, it began getting spicier and more peppery, but nothing that was overbearing or uncomfortable or nothing that I didn’t care for.

Rye & Spire finishes very nicely with everything that I picked up on my palate, and the spice was present, the sweet vanilla was present, the pepper, everything was there as it finished.

I was picking up pickle notes by the time I finished my glass, but I’ve not picked up that note since. Maybe it was just a fluke; it was odd at the time since I’ve not picked up on that note with any other whiskey.

This was my first experience with Oak & Eden, and I feel the Rye and Spire is an amazing and interesting spirit. I always enjoy with the nose carries over to the palate with a spirit. The one thing I truly enjoy about this spirit is the short and spicy finish. Rye & Spire is easy to drink and not overly intimidating for those who don’t care for the spiciness that typically comes with rye. This is definitely not going to be the last bottle of Oak & Eden going into my collection.